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Funeral Plans

More and more people are choosing to arrange and pay for their own funeral in advance by purchasing a funeral plan.


It is a caring, sensible and cost effective way to provide for your funeral expenses in advance, giving you peace of mind that you have taken away the financial burden for those you leave behind and any difficult decision making, as your wishes are documented and will be carried out as you have instructed.


Each plan guarantees that our costs, no matter when our services as a Funeral Director will be required, are covered.

 The plan also includes a contribution towards third party costs, i.e. Crematorium fees, Minister or Celebrant fees and Doctors fees.  These costs are outside of our control and are subject to change and therefore cannot be guaranteed.


There is no age limit, nor any health restrictions.


You can pay for the plan in one single payment or by monthly instalments if you prefer.  All payments are held securely in Funeral Planning Trust until needed.  The plan payment can only be withdrawn from the Trust when the service has been provided or if the plan is cancelled.  The Funeral Plans are administered by Funeral Planning Services Limited, regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority.


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